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If you are preparing for your Commercial Driver's License test, the CDL Prep app is for you. We have got a full preparation kit at one place. From free CDL practice tests 2021 to CDL prep tests, we have it all. You can fully prepare yourself with our CDL prep App


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We have CDL practise tests for all of the major categories so you may thoroughly prepare for your CDL exam. All you have to do is choose the category and begin practising. Wrong answers are displayed right away, to improve your learning.


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We have a large database of questions in our practice tests, we want to prepare you completely for your Commercial Driver's License test. With rigorous practice on our CDL Prep App, you can handle any challenging question on your CDL exam.


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We all know how difficult the Commercial Driver's License exam is. You can take a CDL prep test on our CDL Prep App to help you prepare better for the actual CDL exam. You'll be able to answer questions in a set amount of time, which will increase your speed.


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On our CDL Prep app, we also feature a News Section to keep you up to date on the newest trucking industry news. It is to help you gain a better understanding of the industry you're about to enter. Also, to increase your general awareness about trucking life.

How "CDL Prep App" Helps You?

CDL PREP App is a mobile application (app) that helps you to prepare for the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) exam. We are an entirely free CDL preparation app. We are equipped with CDL practise tests 2021 that are nearly equivalent to the real CDL exam. We also provide practice tests for all of the major vehicle classes (A, B, and C) as well as their many endorsements.

We also have a CDL prep test feature on our CDL Prep app, which allows you to solve problems in a set amount of time. It adequately prepares you for the real CDL test. We all know that the CDL exam is hard to pass and demands a lot of practice. That's why, We offer numerous questions that will help you pass your Commercial Driver's License test the first time. CDL Prep App is simple to use and easy to access. We also have a news section to keep you updated with the trucking industry.

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What is CDL? Why do you require it?

A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is required to operate commercial vehicles. Any driver operating commercial driving equipment or other sorts of heavy machinery will need this licence. A higher level of expertise and understanding is required to operate a commercial motor vehicle. To be authorised to drive any form of motor vehicle on public roads, most drivers must receive a commercial driver's licence (CDL) from their home state.

Applicants must pass both skills and knowledge tests in order to pass the Commercial Driver's License test. The CDL permit test requirement is generally based on national laws, however each state may impose additional limits. The applicant's age, driving record, physical and mental health are all important considerations.

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Different Types Of CDL Practice Test

The federal government divides Commercial Driver's License into three categories, each of which is associated with a specific type of vehicle.

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Class A (Combination Vehicles)

The vehicle's gross combination weight must be at least 26,001 pounds or more, and the weight being towed must be greater than 10.000 pounds.


Class B (Heavy Straight Vehicles)

Any single vehicle weighing at least 26,001 pounds, or any similar vehicle towing other than a vehicle with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of less than 26,001 pounds.


Class C (Small Vehicles)

Any single or combination vehicles that are not included in class A or B are classified as Class C (small vehicles).


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A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is required to operate commercial vehicles. Any driver operating commercial driving equipment or other sorts of heavy machinery will need this licence.

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