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The CDL Prep App is the most popular mobile application to study for the Commercial Driver's License exam. We are a completely FREE CDL preparation app. On the CDL Prep App, we provide FREE CDL Practice and CDL Prep tests. Every major endorsement is covered, including General Commercial, Air Brakes, Hazmat, School Bus, Combinations, Passenger, Tanks, and Doubles/Triples. To fully and totally prepare you for your Commercial Driver's License exam, we offer numerous questions for every major endorsement, practically identical to the actual CDL test. For sure, CDL Prep App is the best app to start preparation for your Commercial Driver's License.

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  • 1. Over 600 questions for your complete and comprehensive CDL preparation.
  • 2. Prep test to boost your confidence and efficiency: 60 minutes to answer 50 randomly selected questions, or 40 minutes to answer 20 to 30 questions on various endorsement topics. Review your score and any incorrect answers at the conclusion.
  • 3. The Prep test mode allows you to identify your weak areas and which topics require more practise.
CDL practice test app
  • 4. Practice mode allows you to answer as many questions as you like while getting instant response on your incorrect answers.
  • 5. News Section to keep you up to date on the latest news in the trucking industry. Its purpose is to assist you in gaining a better grasp of the industry you are entering into.
  • 6. It's simple to register, uncomplicated and straightforward to use, and easy to practise with.

Your CDL exam is approaching, and you're bored of studying with the same old CDL manual? Though the CDL manual is the ultimate guide, we have come to make your learning interesting and engaging. With just your smartphone and an internet connection, you can prepare and practise anytime, anywhere. For example, you are on a bus, simply take out your smartphone, open the CDL Prep App and start your learning. The CDL Prep App is available for both iOS and Google Playstore. Start preparing for your bright future today! Download now!

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CDL test app for android CDL test app for iOS